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CB Photography did a fabulous job with our son's first birthday pictures. From the very beginning, Cher had the baby happy and smiling, and it continued straight through to the last shot. I knew that we would have so many shots to choose from before I even saw the proofs. CB Photography was also very quick at getting our order placed and processed. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you, CB Photography, for making our son's first birthday picture perfect! Stephanie

From the second we walked into the studio, my daughter began to cry. Having just celebrated her first birthday, her stranger anxiety had peaked and she wouldn't leave our side. I was so stressed that this entire photo shoot idea would never work. However, Cher reassured us to take our time and that there was no rush. She allowed us to play and feel relaxed. Here and there we would take a few pictures and then we would pick her up and take some with her right on my knee. Cher assured us that she had good pictures but, I really didn't think so. When I got that proof email and saw my daughters portraits, I was AMAZED! The shots Cher captured were UNBELIEVABLE! You would have never known that my daughter was so upset that day.I am CONVINCED that if I brought my daughter anywhere else, we would have never received pictures like this! People are still raving about them! Thank you Cher and CB Photography for making a seemingly difficult session into an absolute dream!Marisa

I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day to photograph my daughter after just getting home from vacation. When we came to your studio, my daughter was a bit crabby since she had just woken up from a nap but with your sweetness and kindness, she immediately changed her tune. She went from being crabby to extremely happy in a matter of minutes. Once I saw that, I knew that she was going to love you and SHE DID!!! Your patience and down to earth personality made me feel so comfortable, it was as if I was in my own home. Looking at all the pictures in the studio impressed me so much, the talent and attention to detail you have is impeccable, that's what a great photographer should be about and that is YOU. Our appointment was at 3:30 and just a few hours later, the pics were ready to view and purchase, now that's what I call "on point". My husband wasn't able to make the appointment but, once he saw those pictures he said "good job babe, Cher is hired for life". <BR>You did an AWESOME JOB and we are extremely happy with your work. I love having "different" pics and you provide that because of your talent. I have already recommended you to many of my friends and I'm sure they will be just as happy as I am.I will definitely see you soon and keep up the FABULOUS WORK!Maria

I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful pictures you took of my children. You have a true talent that is expressed in every snap of the camera lens. You have a knack for taking children pictures and even when my little guy didn't want to sit anymore, you still managed to get him to smile and capture his TRUE self. I am forever grateful to you and can't wait to have you take a family portrait.Nicole

My daughter Alexandria's session with Cher was a delight! Cher was so professional and she just knew how to get the reaction needed for the photos. She was patient, fun and made my daughter feel at ease right away! She had a great time with her little tea party out in the garden. As for the photos that Cher took, they are amazing! She did a great job capturing precious moments for us to treasure for years to come. We've received so many compliments on them from our family and friends. Also, the whole process from the photo shoot to the ordering process was so easy. We can't wait for our next photo session! Thanks Cher!Chris

It took me literally 9 months to get motivated to do this photo shoot as a mommy-to-be. I knew I wanted to preserve it in some way but, felt funny about the whole belly thing! (I don't even like to show my midwife my belly)! Well, let me just say, I had the time of my life with Cher! I was laughing and felt VERY comfortable. It was so nice to just put my guard down and take some special pictures for my daughter's scrapbook and nursery. Cher also snapped some special pictures of me for my husband to remember me pregnant. He went nuts and LOVED them. Thank You Cher! You are awesome and I'll never forget all of your love and support at this miraculous time in my life!! CB PHOTOGRAPHY is the place to go to capture these special moments...TRUST ME! After hearing about my positive and comfortable experience, my friends are now looking into capturing special moments in their lives as well. I would recommend CB Photography for all!Kimberly

My first visit to the CB Photography studio was fantastic! Cher was very engaging and made us all feel very comfortable. She had lots of fun props and her personality really got our son, Jake, to enjoy himself & the photos are a reflection of that fun. I could not wait to get the proofs and when I did, I was even more pleased. The photos that she took and the ideas she had (name on photos / collages) were awesome! Oh, don't let me forget the amazing holiday card that she made from the photo shoot...they are still getting rave reviews from the recipients!I look forward to having Cher and CB Photography chronicle many more years of our son's life for us!Dana

From the moment I met Cher, the fears that I had about attempting pictures of my boxer baby pups were non-existent. Cher has such a warm personality that made my dogs and myself at ease from the very start. The session was so effortless - Cher made it so natural and I ended up with the most amazing pictures of my dogs!! I can't begin to explain how great it is to have pictures around my home and office that show off the beauty I see in my babies everyday. The compliements have not stopped from the moment everyone saw the pictures - family, friends, and even clients of mine can't wait to use Cher and CB Photography for the next event in their lives.I will absolutely be asking Cher to use her amazing talent with my boxers and myself again! CB Photography is absolutely the place to go for amazing pictures without the normal worries ... TRUST ME!!! I'd be kicking myself if I went anywhere else!Shannon

I was a bit apprehensive about attempting another photo shoot with a tempermental toddler but, we gave this one a try. My son was quickly escaping toddlerhood with barely any good pictures. All the way to the appointment I heard from the backseat, "I am not going to smile; you can't make me; I know this lady can't make me smile." As soon as we walked in, Dominic warmed-up to Cher immediately! We had the best pictures ever and with so many great shots to chose from, the decision was nearly impossible! Turn-around time was awesome and the selection was convenient. Also, the family LOVED the pictures they received for Christmas!Dorothy

Our experience with CB Photography has been an absolute delight. Cher is very professional and has a special way of handling children; trust me when I say that - our son is definitely not an easy almost 2 year-old. Cher's professionalism and fun witty personality has not only made us very happy with her work, but has also brought her into our family as our personal photographer. Thank you Cher & CB Photography!Gail

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my family's photographs! We have not used another photographer and wouldn't even consider it. Cher has done an exceptional job capturing our family's memories from pregnancy photos to thank-you cards. I wouldn't trust anyone else! If perfection is what you are after then CB Photography is where it's at. Melissa